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how to memorize words effortlessly ?

this is the way i use for memorizing terms :
All that i do is every night i take a small sheet of paper and a book ( or anything with new vocabulary words )
then i write five words with their definitions on this small sheep of paper.
and then i put it in my pocket and every few minutes I take a look at it, without any effort or focusing, you will find afterwards that you have already memorized them.
So thanks for reading about my stupid experience and i hope you have better ways to do it !! )

Dec 3, 2014 3:58 PM
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When people say something, remember the context, and then keep on repeating:  Repeat, repeat, repeat!!! (just like children do...)

December 3, 2014

Basically, I don't care abou forgetting vocabulary. I just try reading or listening to (audio) books again and agina to remember vocabulary. However, I enjoyed memorising vocabulary, expecially spellings, by playing vocabulary video games for learners or children. By the way, that might be not an effortless way, but a way to enjoy making efforts.

December 21, 2014

From my experience of memorizing vocabulary is remmember words together with their pronunciation, especially each time, I need to speak it our several times correctly when I try to master one word. 

About the pronunciation, I use a dictionary software with audio pronunciation, so I could learn the definition as well as the pronunciatin together.  That is convenient when I access to my PC. 

However, when I could not access to my laptop, I download lots MP3 of vocabulary pronuncition that I try to learn to my cellphone, and when I am alone such as when I cook, or wash clothes, or even when I walk in the street, I turn my cellphone on, let it play those MP3, and repeat what I had heared. Repitition is best way to build up long term memory, and it really is, after I persistent  in doing this to learn words. 

December 21, 2014

To memorize effortlessly new words we need to associate them with something so that they start bearing some emotional charge. I think learning words it's all about feelings. If the target vocabulary is related to some topic, reading a lot on the topic will guarantee success with remembering the words. Actually, reading is a key. By reading, we increase our chances of encountering the words we attempt to memorize and it also helps perceive them better and finally retain.

December 20, 2014

 I noticed that it's become a little bit difficult to learn new words with years. But I think the reason is not in the fact that I am getting older, the main problem is in the perception of every new word. In my childhood I was so glad when I encountered with new words trying to memorise them. But today I just read new words and do not try even to repeat them. So the the conclusion  I can make is that we have to repeat words frequently and try to use them in sentences. My entry may be a little boring, excuse me for that.

December 3, 2014
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