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A letter from Taipei, Taiwan ---looking forward to hearing from you about your city

Hi, dear all


This is the first time I write to you in spite we have chat for several times on line. Still, I have many things to share with you around me. Those are my culture, my city, my people and the soil I reside in.


First of all, I like to share the city I have been living for more than 2 decades since I was a freshman. Taipei , as a international metropolis is not so big as some other international cities, but yet, it has to be the most crowd city with pronounced dense population in this small area. There are more than 2 million people who live in the city and it is the most first or second densely populated city in the world as far as I know. There is no other place that can be as convenient as Taipei. No wonder how crowded it is due to its cram. Most of the people from other countries like Taipei so much although it is so crowd, in other words, it is so convenient to fulfill daily supplement. Numerous convenient stores can be sighted without a trace of notice. It is said the city is ugly because of its old fashioned buildings, Otherwise, it can be also regarded as a city filled with traditional houses where you can be the happiest archeologist if you like tradition. It is full of surprise and history as long as you like to brew a good tea and take a nice sip.

Hope you can visit my city some time in the future.





Dec 4, 2014 5:24 AM
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