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What region of Russia did you visit?

What region of Russia did you visit and what did you see there?

В каком регионе России вы бывали и что видели там?

2014年12月4日 13:18
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Siberia is not a region, Sir. It is a sub-continent, vast and full of wilderness. Besides, you should read more about Russia, because, there are far more interesting places than Moscow and St. Petersburg. To be frank, Moscow is the least place to visit in Russia, I didn't like it all. Too big, full of huge traffic (biggest I've ever seen in my life), full of cash, but also full of homeless children. Everyone who wants to visit one's country, not only Russia, should go into province, to smaller cities and regions.

I would like to visit north-western part of the country, next time. Pskov, Novgorod, maybe Petersburg but mostly to visit Ermitage and Tsarskoye Selo, Murmansk, Karelia.


i have never visited Russia but I if could I would like to visit Siberia, Saint Peterburg and Moscow.


I'll write English, because I don't have cyryllic alphabet, installed on laptop currently.

I've been to western Russia, regions neighbouring to Belarus and Ukraine. So, I visited Rostov Oblast' and Rostov on Don, Taganrog.

Volgograd, because of history (I visited the memorial with Rodina statue and the city itself), Ryazan

Moscow (although in Moscow I've been only for a short time, I don't like capital cities at all.)

Smoleńsk (not because of 2010 plane crash with Kaczyński, but because of its Kremlin and the fact, that Smoleńsk was a Polish city for some time, during the "Velikaya Smuta"), Katyń memorial.

There's a lot of interesting places in European part of Russia. If there were no visas, I would travel more often.




2years ago I was in Kostroma. I went to Snegurochka's  hous. It was very nicely trevell

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