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Hilarious Hebrew for English-speaking learners

For any English speakers who are struggling to learn Hebrew vocabulary, or for any Hebrew teachers trying to teach English speaking learners...

What do you think of this book?

It obviously doesn't help with writing or grammar, but it looks like a fun way to help words stick in your mind. Any thoughts?

4 de dic de 2014 15:24
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Hi, I am the co-author of Hilarious Hebrew and I have just seen this thread so thought I'd say hello and explain a little about the method, even though it is a few months after the points were initially raised.. So the book has 235 sentences that teach basic and advanced vocabulary, verbs, adjectives etc. It is divided into 16 chapters according to topics, so it is not a random collection. The nice thing about the method is that it really works and people do rememebr the words, as well as have fun while learning! Do check it out on

13 de Marzo de 2015

Well, it works in that it helps you remember basic vocabulary. There are hundreds of words in the book, including most essential verbs. Obviously, it can't actually help you to speak the language, but it's a start, and a novel concept.

25 de Enero de 2015

That's interesting! 

I wonder if they've got more advanced words than "house" or "elephant"?

The book is fun, and definitely took a lot of effort from the authors to make, but is it really useful? Associations are very helpful in the process of learning a language, but these ones kind of slow down thinking, don't they? Besides, the words are not in the context... Dunno. 

Does it work for you, Su.Ki.?

25 de Enero de 2015

Thanks for posting :D!

9 de Enero de 2015
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