Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs are very hard to learn or memorize for me. How can I learn these long verbs? Also, how can I understand which one is commonly used? 

I found a few websites when I searched "most commonly used phrasal verbs". However, one of them has 25 verbs, the other one has 200 verbs, the other one has approximately 100 verbs. It is very confusing.

What is your opinions in this subject?

How can I learn phrasal verbs?

Dec 4, 2014 8:28 PM
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Looking for lists and definitions is the worst way to go about learning phrasal verbs. You'll only confuse and frustrate yourself.


You need to learn them in context (ie. example sentences), and this means looking a little closer at each phrasal verb, and how the meaning can change if other parts of the sentence change.  When you get used to using them, you'll get a feel for how they work.  Try to limit yourself to learning a small group at first, then move on when you have mastered those.


You might like to have a play on this site as well, but remember to have pen and paper ready!




There's no real limit on phrasal verbs. Some phrasal verbs are regional, and if need be, we can even make new ones up.  Why? This is how we naturally speak. :)

December 5, 2014

I like the way the phrasal verbs are learned on the site memrise.com. Here's a link for you http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/english/?q=phrasal+verbs

December 5, 2014
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