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thuy Bien
Do you believe in fortunetellers ?

When I was a kid, I was curious abt fortunetellers.And when I was about 11 grade, I wanted to know about my future. So I went to some famous fortunetelllers. And It was supprised when all of them gave me the same story about my life that is hard, that I will suffer a lot, that I will marry a man who his heart isnt for his family, that I will be sick always when I get older.I have no god but somehow I do scare.

Dec 5, 2014 6:18 AM
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I agree with Comandante. But I will say this - there are entire countries of people who believe in ghosts and fortune tellers. For example, Thailand. So even though I don't believe in them, I respect other peoples' beliefs. 


@thuy - I hope you won't believe the negative things about your future you've been told. Please remember that much of your fate is up to you. Also, know that many fortune tellers use standardized methods of deception, so it's not unusual to get the same prediction by many of them.

December 5, 2014

They are lairs. Don't believe them. They just give you stupid and bad news.

December 5, 2014


many fortunetellers are in Poland and they earn a lot of money. I think it's horrible, people are so naive and spend a lot of money for looking for an answer :( 


Every answer is inside our soul. Any fortuneteller won't solve our problems:) Be happy and spend time and money for doing what you love (travelling, meeting new people, learning language ect.)



December 5, 2014

They're usually just scam artists who are good at reading people.

December 5, 2014

Hi, Thuy! What I want to tell you is that never let others bother your life. Your future is always in your hand and no one can change it except yourself. :)

Here in China, some of people do believe in fortune tellers. But personally, I don't believe it. Maybe some people do can tell some facts about you, but that doesn't mean they have some super power to tell your fortune.  I think you can only say that they are good at observing people.

In our daily life, we can receive messages by conversations, but most of time we get more messages through those nonverbal signals, such as gestures, facial expressions, and the change of tones while people are talking, etc.

Let me tell you something interesting. Sometimes I can tell people's thoughts correctly without asking them for some details. Some of my friends think I can read people's minds, but of course I'm not! What I do is only observing people. I found it's quite interesting that most of time people's microexpressions can betray themselves.

So never let those negative assuptions about your future upset you. You are the master of your own life. Good luck and wish everyday of your life is full of joy and sunshine. :D 


December 6, 2014
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