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What do you like to do in your free time?

Hi guys!Today I'm goimg to asking you what do you want to do in you free time?

Me,for example,I like to listening to music and I like to listen pop,rock and rap music,but in particolar I prefer pop music.In my free time I also read,I like to read,and I like adventure stories and commedies.In my free time,when the weather is good,I go to play football in the garden or I go out with my friends.That's all.And now,what do you do in your free time?

5 déc. 2014 13:40
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Hi! every free time i go to gym, because i can't swim and i very want to learn it.

And i wait a winter to go to ski :)

5 décembre 2014

sleep is the best thing to do when you in free time .

6 décembre 2014

I like to read fashion magazines.

6 décembre 2014

Hi, Nicolò.  In my spare time, I enjoy learning Spanish and also helping English learners to improve their English language skills.

5 décembre 2014

Hello !

In my free time, when I have energy, I like to practising sport like swimming or running. Also, I like to strolling in city center just to look after clothes... I try not to dispend too much money because my banker could be angry with me.

When I prefer to be calm or to be lazy, I stay at home to watch TV, to work my English, to cook or to make manual activities.

That's all.

See you.

5 décembre 2014
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