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Who you are?

Hey, guys! I've just found something quite interesting.

I think you can always learn something by reading a person's profile here or on other sites. It's such a coincidence that most of people would begin their self-introduction by sharing their nationalities or occupations, etc. But have you ever thought of this question, without those titles who we really are? How would we address ourselves?

I always wonder who I am, what kind of person I was, and what kind of person I can be. 

What do you think of this question?

All of your comments are highly appreciated. Thanks a million. :D

Dec 5, 2014 3:37 PM
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I always thought everyone has three parts in their life, first is about personal growth and anything that's related to her/him, second is about his/her family, third is about the world and society and how does he/she react to it...

I personally think that people that make their own personal interest into their career or as you said, their occupation are totally interesting some people defines themselves by their career...

But overall, I think that every person has the capacity to become anything that she/he wants... so we ourselves choose what we can become...

December 5, 2014

Monica, you make some good points. It seems to be very common to state our age, gender, nationality in this situation. Are those the most imporant things about us? I would say "no". Certainly they are not the most important things about me. I would list other things, such as, being a husband and a father, my occupation, my political or religious beliefs, all of which are important.


I have been surprised to find, as I have reconnected with (through social media) people that grew up  with me in the same commnunity, some that I have not seen in over 30 years, that many have very similar political, religious and social beliefs. This is not ALWAYS the case, but is generally true. It is not because when were "friends" growing up, or were in all the same classes at school, or even went to the same church. But it IS becuase we "came from" (as we say) the same town and had similar life experiences. So if someone grew up in the same town or area that I did, there is a good chance that they have very similar beliefs to what I have.


But since this site is here help people with their language skills, then a general description of where someone comes from is helpful. If you want to have or avoid a particular dialect or accent, it is helpful to know what there person uses that you may be speaking with. 

December 5, 2014

 i am gift of god and I am human.I live in society. :P ummm now there is nothing to think on that.

December 6, 2014

Hey, guys! Thank you so much for all of your answers! :D I really learn a lot from what you've written to me. It's such an enjoyable thing to share ideas with different people. :)



Hi, Bahar.:) Your words are really encouraging.

[We ourselves choose what we can become...]

I would always keep in mind what you've taught me. Sometimes, life is not so perfect as we think it would be, we fail, we make mistakes, we are not accepted by our fellows... Sometimes, we feel upset, but we are still very lucky, as we could always be the master of our lives and choose what kind of people we can be. Life is always full of possibilities and miracles. :D Now I'm quite curious about what kind of person do you want to be, Bahar?

Something I'm not totally agree with you is that people's occupations would be very impressive to strangers. In my eyes, occupation is something temporary. It's quite hard to define a person merely by his/her occupation. But occupation is a good way to tell others what kind of life experiences would he/she had.


December 6, 2014

i am the person who is trying to find himself ....and i believe i wont be able to do until my dead))

December 5, 2014
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