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Giving Italki a second chance

I was very hesitant about this site. As soon as I added a picture, I started getting a lot of “wanna hook up” e-mails. Not cool people!

Later, some tutors and teachers decided to contact me. They gave the support and encouragement I needed. I am very grateful they took their time to talk to me.

So, expect me around. I am here to help! :)



Dec 5, 2014 8:54 PM
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I'm so glad that you got the support you need and deserve from your fellow teachers. That's really a nice thing. 


I was just saying to someone recently that the one thing Itaki has taught me more than anything else is that there are stupendous people in every single country of the world... but then there are also jerks in every single country of the world. ha ha ha. The good thing with this place is all you have to do is block the jerks and then you can scan thousands of people and find the real gems! It's easier than in "real life" in that way. :D


I'm glad you stayed. 



December 6, 2014

It seems like this is the biggest complaint around here. Sorry you have to deal with all the bozos.

December 5, 2014
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