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What do you think about law and lawyers?

Hi guys, I'm Italian and I study law! I love studying it. I'm really curious:

-What do you think about law and lawyers?

-What do you think the law does for you?

Looking forward to receiving your answer



If you are interested in Italian law, I also can teach It for you!

Dec 5, 2014 10:45 PM
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@Salvo, being a lawyer myself, I've to agree with Aegis! Even though I'm not happy about it, but unfortunately he said the truth!
Law seems to me the art of finding a loophole to win the case! I rarely find good lawyers to be honest, I even left practising law because of the weird characters that lawyers have!

I mean when I meet physicians or engineers, it's a lot different and they're down to earth, but lawyers are like creatures from the space;) So arrogant and materialistic. I hope it's ok that I said my honest opinion.


@HYD: I wish it's as you said:) I had the chance to study what ever I want and I chose law because it's my childhood dream. Studying law is so hard HYD and not everyone can make it through law college, it's definitely no the kind of choices for those who have nothing else to study;)


December 6, 2014

Law is very effective without lawyers who help criminals and murders to escape from punishment.

No offense, but I think a lot of lawyers can do anything for money, it doesn't matter who they help or why they help him, but as long as he paying make him happy.

Unfortunately, it's a trade more than it's a science, that the success lawyer isn't who have more degrees but he who know how to use the tricks in law and have a good speaking skills to prove something wrong is true just like press.

December 7, 2014

It's absurd to paint all lawyers with a broad brush.  There are honest lawyers and dishonest lawyers, good ones and bad ones, just as in any profession.  What I have observed however, is that people often dislike lawyers until their own rights have been violated.  Then they are deeply appreciative of a lawyer who can help them obtain justice.

December 6, 2014

The reputation of lawyers varies widely between countries. Law is among the lowest regarded profession in the US but among the highest in Japan. I think in the US a lot of people go to law school because they haven't thought of anything else to do and don't have a math background. They then end up practicing law so they can pay down their student loans (I know recent graudates who owe more than $200,000). The result is a lot of people don't want to practice law but end up doing so out of a desperate need for money. 

December 6, 2014

Laws are very important, and most countries have pretty reasonable, well thought out laws imo. Of course there are exceptions, but most are good. The trouble is not usually with the laws, but in their enforcement. Since you ask about lawyers, I'll talk about their roll. Most lawyers are too interested in making money, and not interested enough in representing their clients well. I'm talking about civil law, I should clarify. For example, my ex-wife was able to get a lot of money out of me. Not because she was legally entitled to it, but because my lawyer wasn't much interested in my relatively low paying case. Another example, my business partners are stealing money from me. I won't be able to get all of the money back; probably only about half. Not because it's legal to embezzel money, but because lawyers on both sides will try to draw things out and make as much money as possible.  

December 6, 2014
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