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Environmental pollution.

I'm really happy to talk about this problem, about environmental pollution. I think that it's really acute problem today. Moreover, it's a big problem for us, for our lives and our health. Firstly, what's the environment? It's the air, water and land in which people, animals and plants live. But nowadays we just killing our environment. Our life in danger. Man's interference with the environment has increased. And we don't thinking about consequences. It's really terrible! We can see a lot of natural disasters every day. For instance: air pollution, drought, famine, earthquake, avalanche and so on. Yeah, maybe we are well-adapted to the environment, but what about animals? They have always died out naturally. They become extinct. Pollution, deforestation and building all effect animal habitats which means they have nowhere to live and nothing to eat. I think, that we must prevent animals from the extinction. We should minimise one's impact on the environment!
I want to stress air pollution, too. I consider, that many people don't understand this problem. When we exhaust fumes we are destroying the ozone layer and it's leads to greenhouse effect, to global warming, to drought, faming and so on. We do irrepairable harm for the environment.
As for me, I want to be eco-friendly and I want to have an exceptionally environmentally-friendly lifestyle. I think, that if we want to redress the natural balance, we must bring environment under strict control and minimIze one's impact on the environment. In a nutshell - ALL IN OUR HANDS!

What do you think about it?

Dec 7, 2014 11:19 AM
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We made a NGO in our city; it was about planting trees... to help environment of our city with our own hands and make it greener… :)
and also some of my friends made a group that helps animals of our city, everywhere that they find an abandoned cat or dog that is sick or something, they go and help it

December 7, 2014

Daria, I think it's a very complex question, because it depends on humans, and humans are very difficult to change. As you said: all is in our hands. If everyone did their part, the world would be very different, but unfortunately it's not how things work in the real world. I think greed is what most drives people to act wrongly and destroy the Planet. Anyway, I'm really happy to see that we still have people like you in this world. I wish luck for us.

December 9, 2014
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