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Economic crisis and its different patterns: let's talk about our personal experiences

I'm an italian "youngster": yes, I put youngester in brackets, and the reason is that I'm not supposed to be a youngester at all, or, at least I would be not a youngester in every other country in the world but in Italy.

I've graduated in a five years long course (which is theoretically one of the most "spendable" ), but now I find myself stucked in cycles of internships which usually lead to nothing. 

But how the internships work in my country? Aren't them supposed to be just a way to teach a job to a youngster ? no! not here: companies hire youngsters, who are paied a pittance (indeed we are not talking about a real salaries but just of an expanses refund of 500 Euros) and use them for every kind of basic activity. At the end of the intership contract, the companies usually just forget about the stagist and hire someone else. And there is nothing better than this a graduated youngster can do here in Italy. No way to find a proper job; no economical stability to buil a family.  


Dec 7, 2014 4:14 PM
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Take the sea man, take the sea. Go where the suns shines. Ypu have an italian passport, that is pass that can take you anywhere. Why do you stay in your little country living in that way ?!

In some parts of Africa, with 1000 €, you can buy 10 hectares of land !  Opportunities are everywhere. It is done with Europe, the wind blows elsewhere. So just take the sea.

December 7, 2014

Yeah...obviously it won't work if you are close mided like that, thinking that your country is the vest p'ace in the world. How do you know Asian countries, Irà, Brazil or Africa are bad p'aces to live ? You have fertainly never been there. You only judge by what you see in tv.

Madagascar is a really wonderful place. Probably one of the most beautiful coutries in the world. 

The complexe of superiority. This is what put Europe in it's current situation. Europeans are lesson givers, the world will let them aside.

December 7, 2014

You have a very wrong idea about Africa. Perhaps you got it from tv.

I know someone who works in an oil off shore plateform in Angola, he earns 8000€ a month. An other with 11 000€ he bought hundreds of hectares of land in Madagascar and he makes cocoa (the cocoa of Madagascar is one of the best in the word), I can't tell you how much he earns. There are others buying cheap eletronic devices in Europe and selling them at high price to the rich prople of Gabon and Cote d'Ivoire...they make big profits..,,Africa is full of opportunities. You just need to move and discover by yourself

December 7, 2014

Elias, unfortunately I agree with you that the complex of superiority led us to this situation. Add that the widening of the EU area convinced many companies to move the production in the poorest european countries: now the former-richest european job markets are experiencing both the competition of the BRICS and of the new european partners too. 

Howether, I traveled enough to be very convinced that IF a person reaches a decent economical stabiliy, Countries such as "old europe" ones are the best places where to live because of the multitude of different life opportunities they grant.


That is so Dave, unluckily when I started my study course the unemployment in my country was about the 5 % of avarage. Now we have reached the 14 % (!!). Who could expect such a worsening? And concider than countries as Spain and Greece have an avarage unemployment about the 25%.



December 7, 2014

Alberto, there are warm parts of Canada.  Not the area I live in, at least not for the next 5 months or so, but other areas in the west. I imagine the specific nature of your law education would make such a move difficult though.

December 7, 2014
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