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About calendars

Dear members of Italki! I have some questions before the New Year. Do you like the calendars? If so, which are the most? Does it metter to you what the calendar hanging on the wall or placed on a table in your home?..

Dec 7, 2014 6:17 PM
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We all do, the calender is a main part of our life,which is mostly needed in our home and work. It mentaints a specific  schedule for the daily tasks.  

December 7, 2014

I think the better question is - when you visualise the months of the year in your mind, do they make a cw or ccw circle, or something different? I'm a ccw man myself:) The one I have on my wall, a Chinese calendar of the year 2012, is cw:(

December 8, 2014

Thanks to everyone for his opinion and a comments. A spesial thanks to Aegis. I was wondering talk anyone on the themes "The perception of time", "Time and Eternity"... I think the calendar is not an ordinary thing in our life, it's more than a poster on the wall or to turn a sheet of paper on the table. And it can cause different thouhts and feelings in different people. It couses nothing in someone.

I have different calendars at home, but the most favorite is "eternal" (or "perpetual")) desk calendar. Every day - the date only (8 december, for example), there is an unknown year and weekday. And on each page there is a reproductions of paintings by someone of the word famous painters. I like this calendar, because every time it prompts me to look beyond the present day. 


December 8, 2014

I prefer the table one ,it's more convenient to use .and yes the calendar is very important for all of us,we need it to count days..

December 8, 2014

i think the calender have best time in the past now with mobile and tv information and all this technology  WE USE not much

December 8, 2014
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