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questions about the company culture in Korea.

Hi guys, recently i have been watching the korean tv series which called 미생, the show just gives me the impression that people should show an extremely respect to their superior or boss under any circumstances which included acept their boss' rudeness. i know that Korea has been a traditional country who is afected a lot by Confucianism, people do show a great respect towards especially the elder generation which i think is good, but by watching this series, im getting shocked by the real level it will make..... i am wondering whether it's true or it has been exaggerated a little like all the series does. i do  appreciate your answers.

Dec 7, 2014 10:38 PM
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What we all should remind ourselves at all times is that the media sell sensationalism.


Do not believe what you see on TV shows or what the news portrays; they provoke the easiest emotion to appeal to, such as sadness, anger, frustration, fear, and arrogance.


When you ask such questions like "Is Korea always like this? Is it common?", you will get extremely subjective responses. After all, people talk about themselves, not about the truth - it's a simple psychology. Those surround by bad Koreans will say that Koreans are bad. Those who were with right people will say that Koreans area awesome.


My reply to your question is, NO, not at all. It's just a show. TV shows exaggerate.


Respect goes both ways in any culture, and it is expressed differently. All Asian culture is based on highly disciplined value, respecting and honouring the wisom of older people, even if it is only a year. So if older person or a person with seniority misbehaves, as a younger person, we have respectful way to handle the situation and appropriate way to advise them.


One may say that Korean youngsters do not respect seniority and simply put, a generation of ruthless brats. It's not because the youth are bad but because the culture is changing. While Confucsious influence lingers in a big part of Korean culture, only the idea and certain habit do, but not its ways. So, if anything, things are quite different from what the show portrays. The younger tends to be more "rebellious and hostile because old ways are bad", and I've seen many older people and elder generations tolerate the way they are portrayed in the media as mean and bad people. It's quite sad to see them painted as just old grouchy no-good generation on their way out.

December 18, 2014

I love 미생 too.


The reality is... almost same with 미생 which tells about Korean ridiculous culture.

Especially, Big company.

But it totally depends on people's personality and of course the organization culture. 

If you do not respect to your boss, you would be fired or in many troubles. There is no fair.


Korean society is getting worse, but most/almost foreigners really love Korean culture and they even want to live in this country. Warm heart is typical Korean culture. 


There are so many advantages living in Korea.. I do not want to stay here.

How about China's culture?

December 8, 2014

Hi Kwon Hyeok Min, thanks for your clearness, it's interesting seeing that you use word as ridiculous, actually for what you told me i feel in the same way, i mean, for me  'respect' should be a mutual thing, , there's no way to mantain your respect for people who treats you as a shit for no reason, it's more than unfair , some people who just grow  people who doesnt deserve this rudeness could be really upset or negative towards their life, and this could end up with serious consequences. 


But Korea does do very well in respecting their elder people, while Chinese society each time has lost their manner to the elder generation, although we believed in the same confucianism. this is a shame.


i have been thinking whether i could live for some months in Korea, for getting to know better the culture thing, especially my mania is that one day i could end up trying all korean cuisine;)




December 9, 2014
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