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An article about the American President: Abraham Lincoln

Hi guys.

I'm currently working on an article for my organization. Abraham Lincoln is the one I'm thinking of and wanna to write about. I must have read somewhere, (it might be on a magazine whose name I don't remember exactly), they said that Lincoln had some trouble with speaking while at school, Speech Pathologist or something kind of. In his school play he was to play a silent tree. As time went by he kept on practising and become more confident which led to his postion as the main character in the school's next drama. I attempted to search for Lincoln's young time but it seems like there is no information source mentioning this story.

As my writing will be public and posted as an organization's every information must be 100% correct. I'm really confused now whether my works well or not (whether what I remember is true). I hope that you guys may help me with it. If you've ever seen any books, magazines, articles,news... writing about this information, can you please share with me? If it's not true, please tell me as well and sorry, I may mistaken Lincoln with someone else.

Thanks in advance. 

Dec 8, 2014 5:39 AM
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