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Commas are tricky.

Even for native English speakers like myself. I’m new to italki. I’m having fun on my language journey and I enjoy trying to help those who are learning English.

I’ve noticed a tendency for students of English to use commas in excess. Perhaps some reasons are: Grammatical carry-over from their native language, the tendency for many languages to use commas and decimal points in the opposite fashion, or the speed of our “chat” world where our thoughts outpace our typing and without commas it would be a mess.

Commas are tricky. If I was so bold as to give advice, I would suggest thinking about the subject of “run-on” sentences. If you have an English teacher then you know all about them. It’s important to know when to stop a sentence, when to break multiple thoughts into multiple sentences, and when rephrasing a sentence may be the better option.

I was thinking about writing a list of common rules for comma usage but I’m not an English teacher and with all resources on-line there are better references than me. (Now that’s a long sentence but I don’t believe there is a need for any commas. Corrections welcomed.)

Perhaps English teachers on italki would like to respond. For those of you studying English, I’m impressed by the quality of your writings and your understanding of a “tricky” language.

Keep up the good work and good job!

8 gru 2014 20:24
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