can someone explain this for me?

ive have seen this character (っ) a lot when looking at how to wright sertain phrases in jappanese but in the sudying i have done this chracter means (つ) tsu or tu but that doesnt make any sence in these sentences as i know how to speak them already. examples below:

もっとゆっくりではなしてください read: mouto yukuri de hashite kudasai

ちょっとまって read: chotou mate

まってください read: mate kudasai

2014年12月9日 00:40
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Hi sam!

I hope this will help more


you should pronounce,

もっとゆっくりはなしてください read: motto yukkuri hanashite kudasai


ちょっとまって chotto matte

まってください matte kudasai


for japanese, 

(もっと motto) and (もと moto) is not the same.




Hi, Sam! This confused me at first too. Essentially, っ serves to extend whatever consonent comes after it. 


So then, kekkon (marriage) is spelled けっこん instead of けこん. Without っ, the word doesn't account for the extra "k" in the middle.


Moving, or bikkoshi びっこし instead of びこし.


I hope that helps!


thank you it helps although just after i posted this i figured it out :L ,typical, thank you again.

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