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What do you think is the purpose of the existence of universities?

Some say universities are the pavement for finding good jobs, I don't deny that fact, however, not everyone from top universities can get suitable jobs, don't they? I was wondering if there are still anyone who think universities are for knowledge....because in China, university students are aimed at passing examinations, and getting different professional certificates, and they play their cellphones in class, and play computer games all day long, I don't mean there are no good students and no good universities in my country, but these are the common features of Chinese university students, in here , a university means "a place for getting certificates and freedom of leisure time"...what are university students like in your country?

Dec 9, 2014 2:57 AM
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    "I was wondering if there are still anyone who think universities are for knowledge.."----Moyandana


 Sometimes, but not entirely.  In  one way or another, there are elements of "control" instituted in Educational Systems worldwide.  It is a way of excluding  some people who seek actually  "knowledge".

The educational systems in many countries,  beginning with the primary grades and on through the University systems,  are designed  to remove  those who "question".  These are discouraged and alienated.  Those who  are willing to follow the conventions taught,  are passed on, not because they do have an inquiring mind, but because they don't.  Nothing is worse for "business" and the pursuit of money and  power  and prestive over others,   than individuals  who lack an interest in acquiring either money or power or prestige.


  That is why at some level,  Utopian Dreams  are offered to "the masses" such as the popularization of "magical thinking"   books  such as Rhonda Byrne's "The Secret" which teaches as an  falsehood, that a  "Law of Attraction"  exists as a "Scientific Law". It isn't of course, but  the Utopian Dreams  are offered to the people of the world so that they will believe in such things.  Oddly, such teachings are referred to commonly as "Wisdom Teachings".  Of course, that is a kind of bastardization of actual studies which do exist in Philosophy in the context of Logic as a disciplined means to knowledge.




December 9, 2014

  Hi PetrelBear. 


 I agree that finding a good job  is more or less an imperative.

For better or worse,  the system in place, is what one needs to work with.


 My wife and I have had many discussions one how we would approach live

if we had the opportunity to choose differently.  We have several conclusions.


   We  speak often of Accounting,  Investment, and   Financial Consulting for ordinary or

lower income people, as  desirable fields of study. 


   For myself,  fields such as  Mathematics,  Science, and Philosophy often come into the discussion.

One thing I think  many realize, is that for better or worse,  we must navigate in the educational system and the world that is presented to us.  Changing   everything suddenly is not a  realistic proposition.



December 9, 2014

The propose of exsistance of universities is to make yong people dull,
because ,if they study hard, they would be awake to the problems in society.
Then, best students do not go to university. This situation is same as in Japan.

December 9, 2014

The purpose of unversities should be providing qulified professionals as well as citizens with independent thinking for society.  

In contrast to universities in Europe countries or U.S., Chinese universities are not normal, and they do not do good in lots of aspects because of lots reasons.

I know the phnomenon you mentioned above, and I think, most of them are not due to students but   our education circumstance and policy.  

As you maybe know, Chinese academic environment are replete with corruption and plagirism, and some other hideous behavious.

I am sorry to say, one or several students could not change the status quo, but you could choose to further your education overseas if you want to continue your education, or you could pay more attendtion to our society to see what you need for a good job.

December 9, 2014

The "Certificate" or "Diploma" system is in place more or less worldwide.

In the USA, it is referred to as a "Ticket---To---Ride". You get the degree, justifying your employment with some coroporation or public institution, and draw your paycheck. This promises a life with some leisure and comfort. However, even today in the USA, there is much discussion about the failure of

the Education System. Just last night I watched a news report about American graduates majoring

in the "soft" social sciences, which do not qualify them as productive employees. So they join the ranks of the unemployed.  I was surprised that "philosophy" was the specific social science mentioned.

I think that actually,  one of the more common  "soft" fields of study would be such fields as:





   The thinking of so many young people goes something like this.


  "I want to be a "therapist" and be trained in the field of Psychology.

That way, I can  HELP  others."


  The fact that nobody in a modern university can

define what HELP is, should be indicative of the vague thinking involved in the life of the American

University student.    Moreover,  if one examines the dialogues even in such discussion topics as the current one titled "The Meaning of Life," on  Italki, one can see that  when it comes to real knowledge,  there just is not very much of it  being demonstrated.  Modern people are more confused now than ever.

December 9, 2014
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