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What is your favourite European Country ?

My favourite European counrty is norway because of climate and population.

2014年12月9日 22:44
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England if you want to have fun;

Italy if you want to see variety and beauty,

France if you want to eat something special and drink too,

Germany if you want to live in Europe,

Austria if you love to chill out and admire the landscape

Greece if you love the sea and the ancient history

Turkey if you love contrasts

Spain and Portugal the best people in the whole Europe ( I prefer Portugal though) ( the fish I ate over there is the best)

Hungary if you love food and beautiful women

Iceland and Norway if you want to see and feel the power of the nature

Holland if you want to feel the sense of freedom

Belgium, do you like beers and one of the most romantic town in Europe : Bruges

Ecc ecc...



Russia !!


Hi all and Mohammed :)
"Russia !!", lol :) Unfortunately we are not in the EU, we gave her the best years of our lives (gas), and she broke our hearts (the economy). But for 1 january 2015 we'll be included in ЕврАзЭС (i can't translate it into english). That will be like USSR, again :)
What's about ßetüL's question, i never been in europ and i can't chose, who better.




I hope to vist countries in eastern Europe and I appreciate more of historic relics. Somehow one day, I would like to travel in this continent.

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