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How should i start to learn English ?

Excuse my English it's very weak . i need to know the right way to learn English

very well please tell me :)

Thank you for intersted helping me


Dec 10, 2014 6:41 AM
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The best way to learn any language is to practice, practice, practice!  I recommend that my students read lots of books and magazines in English, watch English TV, and listen to English radio.  At first you will feel very lost, but over time you will understand more and more.  Practice speaking - even if it is with your plants!  You could also look for a language partner or teacher here on italki to help you.  Good luck!

December 10, 2014

I think there are several ways to learn (not only one)

callan method seems to be very effective

Listening to podcast is realy fun (and easy to use)


also I agree with Becky and roda practice, practice, practice...


December 10, 2014

thank you from my heart to you guys :) am happy to see you here


December 10, 2014

Hi Khaled, I'm very grateful to know that you're interested in learning English intensively. 

Here are some tips:

1. Listen, Listen, Listen To English

Its our most important Effortless English “rule”. Listening is especially important for beginners. Beginners should spend 95% of their study time listening to English. Listen to the audio dialogues on the textbook CDs. Listen to the easiest English podcasts. Listen, listen, and listen some more.


2.Deep Learning Is Even More Important

Beginners need even more repetition than intermediate and advanced level learners. As a beginner, I need to listen to each Thai dialogue 100 times or more. And every time I must listen attentively– with energy and total concentration.

Deep learning is absolutely vital for beginners. Encourage your beginner friends to go more slowly. Encourage them to study less vocabulary and fewer chapters.. but to totally master what they do study. In the longterm, this approach is actually much faster.


3. Laugh and Smile

December 10, 2014
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