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1000 Most Common Words

Hey, guys. I've been thinking recently about one case. Has anyone of you ever tried to start off learning a new language with memorazing 1000 the most frequently used words? I've been always the greatest enemy of learning seperate words without any context, so I'm wondering if it'd succeed?

I feel like what people are tought on language courses or, in my case, what I've been tought in my school at the beggining, are very simple axpects of language like colors, animals etc. I don't say those aren't important on your way to fluency, but I believe that there are more important words&expressions to learn first. I think those aren't used so often in daily talks. Just think what topics and words you speak and hear everyday in your native language. Besides, what can give you better boost and bigger motivation to learn more and more, than being able to understand some percentage of conversation between native speakers of language you learn as well as understanding the written text or finally, being able to speak in this language.


I just want to find out what's the opinion of people who try to learn language everyday. Do you think memorazing 1000 words or so, separately with translation in your native language beside, including all the conjuctions etc. is a good way to feel the language at the beginning and is a great introduction to go deeper?

Dec 10, 2014 1:36 PM
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Some language courses claim that memorizing the most common 1000 words works.

Others say learning common phrases and sentences is easiest, because that gives words context.

It is more difficult for Westerners to learn tonal languages by memorizing word lists because one word can have multiple meanins, depending on voice pitch. In Thai, the word "mah" can mean horse, dog, come, big, very, and past tense, depending on voice tone.

December 10, 2014

When it comes to learning another language I'd prefer learning phrases rather than the 1000 most common words. Maybe it's just personal preferences but I think it's very important to conect words to phrases from the begining. Even so I'm sure your proposed strategy is going to work as well.

December 10, 2014
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