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Which is your favorite American TV show and why?

Hey guys.. let's practice our English a little bit by writing and giving our opinion. :D


Well.. My favorite shows are Everybody Hates Chris, Two and half men and Me, My wife and the Kids.


I find Everybody Hates Chris really funny especially because they blow things out of proportion, making it really enjoyable and funny. I like Chris Rock, the creator of the show, he's a stand-up comedian and he plays a teacher role in the show. My favorite episode is the one where Chris (not Chris Rock) finds a lucky pair of socks. 


Two and half a men is also hilarious. I'd highly recommend you guys this show if you have never heard of it. In short, it's about two brothers trying to live together since of them is divorced and has nowhere else to go. The different ways of seeing the world between the two brothers is what makes it funny! :D


Me, My wife and the Kids is my third favorite, especially because I laugh out loud watching Junior acting all dumb. (he is really dumb lol)

I also love Mike, he's a funny dad and always find a different way of punishing his children. :D


What about you guys? what are your favorite shows and why?

Dec 11, 2014 4:32 PM
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hi, I like big bang theory. My favourite personage is Sheldon with his own way of understanding life.

I wouldn´t want to live in their apartament, from my point of view if you stay there more than a day you´ll became crazy

December 11, 2014

ı love the big bang theory :) ı watch it only for jim parsons :)

December 11, 2014

How I met your Mother and The Walking Dead. Two different types of TV shows :D

December 12, 2014

I am not sure if it is american as far aas I know they speak English..


Game of Thrones because RR Martinis genuis and Imp rocks!

Walking Dead - Though not fan of zombies but this show has a different attack and story from alll zombie stories.


December 11, 2014

I actually watch very little TV and I prefer British TV shows like Sherlock and Black Mirror.I don't remember any American shows that I like except for South Park.

December 11, 2014
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