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Does it make sense to you that left-handed people are in general less successful than righties?

I've just listened to the BBC technology news and there was an interesting one reading that left-handed people generally do not perform as well as their right-handed peers, say, on average, they get a lower score at school, and lower pay at jobs, according to a new research among 45,000 people in the UK and in the US.

But around me people often say that left-handed people are more gifted and intelligent, and perform better in many aspects like music and writing than the common right-handed people. 

Are you  a lefty or a righty? What do you think of this finding? Come and join the discussion if you think it's ridiculous(well, I think it is) haha. 

Dec 12, 2014 4:17 PM
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Left-handed people are equally successful when conditions are right.


If there is no support from schools or if they can't find tools/appliances/cars/house supplies/teaching materials/medical equipment etc made for left-handed people, of course they will be less successful!


Where there is equal and thoughtful treatment of left-handed and right-handed people, everyone is successful according to their abilities.

December 12, 2014

It's because there are far less left handed people than right handed ones. And 45000 from two countries is far less than 7 billion in the world.

December 12, 2014

I am not sure I agree with the report you heard.  We have had 8 presidents who were lefties.  I think that is significant since being a lefty is less common than being righty. 

December 12, 2014

@Aymeric: You can rest assured because according to the report,  "if you are the left-handed kid of a left-handed mom, it turns out you’ll look just the same as righties do", hahahaha. 

And this is the link to the news report:

I'm not sure whether you can get access to the Chinese website, so I can copy and paste the report as following:

The careers of US presidents Obama, Clinton and George Bush Senior may suggest otherwise, but if you are left-handed like they are, you may be at risk of being left behind in life. According to a study by economists at Harvard University, left-handed people on average score lower in exams and are less likely to get highly-paid jobs. Julie Peacock reports.

In the middle ages, they were thought to be possessed by the devil. More recently, though, being left-handed was linked to being creative and gifted. But a study looking at more than 47,000 lefthanders in the U.K. and the US has found a real difference.Left-handed people, it seems, are less financially successful than their right-handed peers.

Lefties in general score a little bit lower on math and reading tests than righties do. And they earn about 10% less money later in life. And there is a little bit of evidence, though, that if you are the left-handed kid of a left-handed mom, it turns out you’ll look just the same as righties do. So there does seem to be some evidence that if you and your parents share handedness, that you are gonna be OK.The reasons for the disparities between right and left-handed people is unclear. Right-handed people tend to use only one hemisphere of the brain for the task.

December 13, 2014

Seems few people agree on this finding, haha.

Well, I agree with @Subrata that this study is not so convincing because there were far more right-handed than lefties. 


December 13, 2014
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