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what is the most difficult thing to learn a english? for you? and if you got it? how did you do?

for me speaking and writing are the most difficult, because I'm from Costa Rica so here we speak in spanish, and it's difficult to find a place where you can practice with someone else

12 Ara 2014 19:11
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I think some rules about times is diffucult.

12 Aralık 2014

grammar especially forms of verb.

12 Aralık 2014

It is interesting to find people who have the same goal. I wish you to achieve success. 

12 Aralık 2014

I understand you. I live in a small city in Russia and have no chance to practice English here. Fortunately, we have a good chance to find native speakers through Internet. Speaking ans writing are also the most difficult for me. I am trying to sing English song to improve pronunciation, to talk to languageexchange partners through skype, to do interactive exsercises on different sites, but I still have many problems with articles, prepositions and so on. I can't use advanced vocabulary in my speach, although I understand complicated words when I read or listen to them. 

12 Aralık 2014

I was thinking the same thing! 

It is all about practice, but sometimes I got frustrated, Why cannot speak well??? hahaha

I listen to music and I understand almost everything I watch TV shows, movies, etc... and it's the same thing, my facebook is full of english pages about sports, news, fun, and I can read and understand... 

I've been studying english since 2010 by my own

12 Aralık 2014
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