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Answering to the people who has asked me why I love Russia"

Hello guys! Thank you all for the invites and messages. As you know I am from Brazil, a sunny and warm country I know, but we have  snow also (I know its incrdible but this country is big and in the south is cold ahhaha), of course not like russia but still.

The most commom question that I have answered was: Why do you like Russia?

Well, I dont know how it got started but since I was younger I love the  history of Russia, the revolution, how the people overcame the war, fortunately in Brazil we have to study world history plus the brazil's history, and my favorite part ever was about Russia. Therefore I love ballet and art and  I see the development of Russian art as the translation of all I feel it is art, whether in dance, in sports, music and literature (L.N.Tolstoi inspired me to be the person who I am now).

The others questions were: What will you do there, why moscow and st petersburg and why there if is not a sunny place?


I am a engineering student and I will do an internship through the world organization called AIESEC, I can go to anywhere but moscow and st petersburg they are the majority of contacts and dont worry about the cold, I did a exchange for study in argentinian antarctida, I lived in a city called Ushuaia that is the capital of the province of terra do fogo, atlantic islands and antarctida, then I know how to survive in the wintertime.


Good news: Now I have a VK: OLGA FREITAS, you can add me there.


P.S: I dont like wast time, so I am afraid that it is going to be useless.

P.S2: unfortunately my russian level doesnt allow me to talk only in russian, once I just started a few weeks ago and had to stop because of my thousand activities from the university and job.


see you!



Dec 12, 2014 10:30 PM
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@KP:  @Kuba:

Don't you both think that the reason might be because we're always drawn to things we don't know? To love your neighboring countries seems like loving our native country because somehow these countries share history, traditions and it's easier to go visit them than going to visit distant countries, which most of the times turn to be a dream.


@Olga: I hope one day your dream will come true :)

December 13, 2014

It is obvious for some one who lives in distance country, to like distant countries. I would ask Brazilians: Do you like Argentinians, Venezualans, Americans, Canadians, Mexicans, etc. I heard, that Argentina is not liked by Brazilians, for me it is weird, I don't know why is it, but I understand. The same with Russia, ask all of these people, who live in countries close to Russia, like Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Poland, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Armenia why they DON'T LIKE Russia. You will get the answer.

I have anything against Russians, normal people with normal mentality, but Russia, as a state and older Russians, who lived in the Soviet times and have idiotic mentality, is not a place to be liked. I've been to Russia 2 times, but frankly speaking, I prefer smaller countries, like Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia.

December 13, 2014

russia is awesome especially slavic girls of it))

December 13, 2014

Dear Kuba. Mumtaz and Aleksandr are right.
You has a own head.)))) See into a mirror. It is such a part of your organism on the top. The head is needed not only for eating but else for thinking.
Therefore try to think, using your head)))
You visited Russia two times. You got non-objective information from Internet or TV. And using it, you made such global conclusion about Russia.))))

To words of other people who wrote higher, I want to add a few of my remarks.

Speaking about Soviet people and their mentality, you said "idiotic soviet mentality"))))

Yes, for us - contemporary young people -
soviet worldview and philosophy is strange little bit.
But I know a lot of people, who was born in USSR.
I work with people who born in USSR. Who has a large age.
Soviet people are great people who was ready to open the Space, win the War, overpower any difficulties. And they made a lot of that I wrote.
Soviet people are great people with strong characters.))))

December 14, 2014

I do not watch TV is 8-10 years :)

"I've been to Russia 2 times"

You speak as if it were 100% true :)

"Problem with Russia is, that the voice of ordinary people there is much weaker than the voice of the Kremlin"


I live in this country all my life and never heard or felt hatred on the part of my friends and new friends from these countries. Do not take information on the Internet and in the media seriously. Nevertheless, thanks for your opinion, I hope it will change in the future.

"Anyone who wants hates because of their education will always find reasons to hate"

December 13, 2014
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