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about parents

my mom used to compared me with others ,and said something like I am nothing I could be nobody! I usually dont say a word ,but feel uncomfortable.maybe she didnt really mean it ,and is this right ?I feel like mother more like my brother ...

Dec 13, 2014 1:33 AM
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Parents want the best for their children, and they will do anything to achieve that goal.  The problem is that we are all individuals and so our definition of 'the best' may not be our parents definition of 'the best'.  Cultures and societies are different, with different norms and values.  With increasing globilization, cultures are becoming more mixed in the younger generations, causing more and more friction with parents and teachers who are still living as they were raised.  


I am sure your mother loves you, and she is showing it the same way her parents showed her.  She may not be able to show love as you want it because she doesn't know how.  As you become an adult, you will realize that parental support is only one area in life, and you can receive equal or even better support from friends or significant others.  You must make your own way in life, realizing that ultimately you must please yourself to be truly happy. 


Rather than run away from home, a good option would be to plan to leave home, whether by going to university in another city or taking a job somewhere else.  When you have a goal to work toward, you can bear the day to day problems because you know each day brings you closer to your goal.  Always plan you future, rather than reacting to a problem and maybe creating another one.


Good luck!

December 13, 2014

My mom used to do that, too! And I hated her....however, now I grow up and know the importance of comparison, without comparison, how on earth do I know where I make mistakes or I'm better than anyone?

如果不比较, 如何知道自己哪里不如人呢? 虽然说每个人都是独特的, 但是我们毕竟不完全是为自己活着的, 在学校, 我们要和同学竞争, 到了社会, 你还要和公司同事竞争业绩; 即使某一天自己当了老板, 也得去在乎同行的人的工作绩效...所以说, 比较无处不在, 竞争哪里都有; 我们常说中国是世界第二大经济体, 如果不是跟其他国家做比较, 我们怎么知道我们是第二了呢? 难道自己去立个名目嘛? 可能你还小, 或者是你妈妈比较的方式不对; 我以前也觉得我很不喜欢我妈, 但是现在觉得比较很有用, 当我发现自己不如别人, 我会拼命努力超过别人

December 13, 2014

and sometimes I wannna run away ,far away from home .

December 13, 2014
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