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Phrasal Verbs

I am starting this discussion to make a list of the important and useful phrases verbs American english.  English word with portuguese translation.


Ask out = Convidar para sair

Call off = Cancelar, Suspender, Ordenar que pare

Call up = Telefonar

Carry out = Desempenhar, Realizar

Come down = Descer

Come up = Subir, Surgir

Find out = Descobrir


Dec 13, 2014 11:16 AM
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Hi Gilliard

Two things to point out here:


1.  There's no need to stipulate 'American English' when it comes to phrasal verbs. The meaning and use of 99 % of phrasal verbs is the same in American and British English.


2. This is important : Writing lists of verbs with their translations into your own language is a very bad way to learn how to use phrasal verbs. It is a waste of effort, as it will teach you almost nothing about HOW TO USE phrasal verbs. 


It is absolutely essential to learn phrasal verbs in the context of complete phrases and sentences. I'll give you a few for your first one on your list:


'I really like Joanna. Do you think I should ask her out?'

'Tom's feeling a bit low. He asked Maria out and she said no'.

'You'll never guess what! Ben has asked me out!'


Perhaps other members would like to help you out by offering some sentences containing the other phrasal verbs on your list.


December 13, 2014

I'm also dubious of equating a phrasal verb with one definition, so I'll drop this poser for you, Gilliard.


I finally made out that Jenny was making out that she and Johnny had made out.


Rephrase, please? :)

December 13, 2014
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