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What does it mean speaking a language fluently?

1) Being able to write it without mistakes ( more or less)

2) Being able to understand the native speakers

3) Being able to express yourself without too much hesitating

4) Being able to read everything you want ( more or less)  and understand it

5) Every skills I mentioned and in that case: how much do these skills have to be developed in order to be fluent.

6) Other things I did not mention

2014년 12월 13일 오후 10:44
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I knew I spoke Spanish fluently when I began to understand complex jokes and word plays.  That was about the same time I began to dream in Spanish as well.

2014년 12월 13일

I think it means being able to hold a conversation about any topic flawlessly.  

2014년 12월 13일

Thank you so much!

2014년 12월 14일

I think it means all these skills. Is important being able to do all that things

2014년 12월 14일

You are right. I feel I am in first step in english. 

I can't understand what they talk in english movies.

2014년 12월 14일
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