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Share all your travel stories from Russia and surrounding areas.
Dec 14, 2014 11:00 AM
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One of my favorite stories from living in Russia for 1 year is this:  I was outside of Moscow and it was my 2nd day in Russia. We needed to get on an "Electrichka" and I was so in awe of how cool Russia was. I was standing on the platform and then the electrichka comes and the doors open and as I start to get on, 5 or 10 people try to get off really fast and push me out of the way. As an American I think " there must be an emergency on the train, maybe a fire or something" then I watch all the people jump into another wagon. I was soooo confused so I ask my friend Yelena what in the world was that all about. She tells me they are called rabbits and they don't want to pay for tickets so they run around the controller. I asked don't the conductors know these people do this? She said yes but they don't care. In USA this would be a big fine if you get caught so I figured wow it must be a HUGE fine in Russia so I ask what the fine is if you are caught. She says 45 rubles... basically $1.50 at that time. I laughed and realized I needed to stop thinking like an American. 
March 16, 2017
Июль 2016 года я ездил в Москву. Я был там 2 недели. Там было ОЧЕНЬ тепло. 36 градусов! Это было очень интересное место, много увидеть. Его очень большой город. Я думал, что это будет пугающее место, но я чувствую себя в безопасности. Июль 2017 года я снова поеду :)
March 15, 2017

This took place between an Afghan truck driver and myself during my first deployment. 

This place isn't near Russia but since we would see old Soviet tanks it could count as the surrounding area. 

My squad and I were searching vehicles and one of the Afghan drivers noticed my prized bowie knife hand crafted from Germany which was purchased just for my deployments and asked to look at it. 

Being a friendly guy, I handed it over as he admired my tool. 

Pretty soon, and unbeknownst to me beforehand, this turned into some kind of barter which must have been the custom. 

Since none of spoke the same language he would try to indicate that he wanted to leave with the knife which I obviously would not allow, as it was my special knife. 

After ten minutes of arguing, he finally gave me back my knife reluctantly and we gave the proper good by.

I never saw him again shaking this encounter off as a "newbie" move on my part for being so dumb and oblivious. Yet I continue to own my prized knife (which was almost lost several times) with the dust from Afghanistan still on it.  

April 27, 2018
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