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I almost lose my confidence. My English is so poor. My English is so poor that I even can't use the words to communicate with people.
I'm a girl from China. Many times I try to discribe what I think in English to foreigners, I just can't make them understanded rightly. Why? Maybe the diferent culturs between us.Maybe it's just because of my poor English.
Please help me !
Dec 13, 2008 10:48 AM
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And, sophy, it's not so easy to communicate with people from different culture. 
I think what we can do is speak more and try our best to let them know what we're thinking. 
Now I only know do this and don't know if it is useful. 
But ,everybody——no matter from China or other countries——has a kind heart. I always believe that.^^ 
So, come on! Let's working hard together~!
December 24, 2008
Now I know, everything begins hard.
But when you put your heart into what you're doing and work hard, you can achieve something. 
Thank you all for your encouragement, I won't lose my hope. 
And I will try my best to make my opinion clearly when communicating with others.
December 24, 2008
hey ,susu,just  like you said ,i have the same situation with you,i had haven a foreigner BF,beacuse of hard communication,we broke down,even thongh i loved him so much,but i knew its impossible ,the longer .i would get more hurt.So i left him,Now he has another chinese GF,i am sure she is better than me~~~
December 23, 2008
you have to be patient and work hard, your biggest success comes always after your greatest disappointments
December 23, 2008
i think your english is not that bad as you said,maybe u just have problems in deep communication ...
December 23, 2008
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