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Dora S
What "culture difference" have you experienced?




Dec 16, 2014 2:58 AM
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It is hard to define what 文化差異 is first of from my angle. Have you ever thought the difference between you and your fellows? I consider there is a huge difference between one party with another. Even your brother sharing a same family and parents, none the less, you could have huge difference with your siblings in different facets like personality, habit, acknowledge, education background, thinking process and so forth.


I remember several months ago there is a coverage reporting a local star who went to Australia and complained the attendant of a store is not so gracious to them because they "intended" to let the star wait too long. I was not able to catch on the spot what occurred to her then, but yet, I was dubious her English was not too good to let the attendant know what she wanted. I keep neutral about this accident so far as I know because I need more evidence to confirm my doubt.


The ending of the story is she complained of the price of the stuff she bought and intentional ignorance from the store. Her complaint Australia of "racial discrimination" and took an oath not to  come to Australia by any means. I have no clue if there is racial discrimination at the sight she bought the stuff, but I would rather label it as "cutural differentiation"  than "racial discrimination". 


Even so, there are something valuable in common with most of the people living on earth, for example: love, considerate, kindness and so forth.



December 16, 2014
Dora S
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