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Do u guys know this? recently I found some thing very gross online..
which was a kind of food form japan.
It is made of human's shit...haha, and a lot of japanese enjoy that.
as i knew , first they choose some girls and clean up their stomach and so on.
then they start to feed girls a lof of good stuff( I dont really know what it is ).
and few days later, after girls' NO.2 they will have their shit, and cooks will fry it and then people will enjoy it.
Only know the chinese name, it is called 金粒餐。
go check it our ,lmao.. 
Dec 13, 2008 6:59 PM
Comments · 2
oh my god, It is so abnormality
December 15, 2008
aa?Is it ture?It's so unimaginable~
December 14, 2008
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