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The True story. One day a friend of mine told me that no one is able to solve any problems of other people what i mean who can solve his own problems to solve other problems...Untill i meet that old woman ....
7 years ago i was watting my results for my exam i was very scared i thought that i will faild in the exam , i started to cry and my friends told my not to warry but this fell was inside me always telling me (( you will faild)) so i desided to tell my teacher that i am ill & i want to go home and one of my friends told me that i will come with you ...When we were going out of the school i found an old woman she was very deprised and very tired she was sitting in the street she looked at me and she smiled i was very scared becouse this woman was famous that she is crazy or evry bady said that (i don't know why) i was very scared from her & for my results in my exam ..
then after 2 Mint. she came to me and told me (( don't be scared i know that every one say's that i am crazy but i am not why you are craying my dear there is nothing desarve to cry about it )), i dont know why i told her about my worries and i found her telling my(( did you do all your best in learning?and tryied hard in learning?))so i told her ((yes)) ...then she told me ((so don't worry every thing will gon be ok you did your best)) i wasn't scared any more from her , she was nice to me ...after 2 days i found that the true story of that woman that her son died in this street by car so from that momunt she sit there ..
My results in the exam was excellent..
The idea of this story is two things:
1)Any body can sucsees in any thing just if he did all his best in it.
2)Even if you are in a problem you may have the key to solve anther people problems.
Dec 13, 2008 7:16 PM
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I think that one person's attitude is very important and keep a smoothly mood.I think any problems will be became not problems.And at the same time ,Maybe you can assist some person who need to help.
December 16, 2008
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