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Russian Ruble Dropped. How was your life in Russia changed ?

Russian Ruble has been sharply dropped. How was your life  in Russia changed  ?

17 gru 2014 13:24
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In the future I am much less likely to buy foreign books and DVDs that I need for learning and maintaining my foreign languages. I shall probably partially compensate it by an extencive use of free resources like or YouTube.

I am also much less likely to take italki lessons. For site members who earn in rubles, all italki prices have literally more that doubled in just a few months and the trend continues.

17 grudnia 2014

That's a very pity. A lot of people are embarassed.  Such crysises were in 1990-1999 years. It was a difficult time.

But there is a good news, THE HAPPY NEW YEAR sooner. We look forvard to and hope that everything will be OK. 

17 grudnia 2014

Just finished eating my cat.

2 stycznia 2015

This is not the only Russia problem, but also problem for Belarussians and Ukrainians. Belarussian Rouble who is not exchangeable (there is no possiblity to buy Belarussian Roubles in Poland, even near the border)is also loosing its value. Hryvnia has lost a lot, too.

Unfortunately I don't see posiblity for fast improvement. Russia has deep structural problems, Putin is not willing to reform the country as it should be. He doesn't see the problem, maybe because from the Kremlin it is different view than from the Russian street or market.

So, dear Eastern neighbours (also Ukrainians, Belarussians), I wish you all the best, but you should be veeeeery patient.

20 grudnia 2014

To be honest, it is awful. There are two reasons. The first reason is the increasing prices. We have to pay extra for the same things, but our salary has not increase. The second reason is no opportunity to go abroad, because euro, dollar etc. have increased and we cannot exchange money to go travel.

26 grudnia 2014
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