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6 Ways To Improve Your English Pronounciation

Having problems getting others to understand you? Mixing up sounds, stumbling on words, or choking out consonants? Here are six ways you can improve your English pronunciation.

18 déc. 2014 00:00
Comments · 28

Recording yourself and slow down. They are truly important. Good work thank you

18 décembre 2014

very useful article! And practice, practice, practice!

7 mars 2015

watching movies and listening to music help also!

27 février 2015

I agree with Lorena.  Regular practice and advice from a native speaker is the best way to make your pronunciation more clear.


I am a professional English teacher here on italki. You can view my teacher profile here:

7 février 2015

My trick for better pronounciation is singing. Get a song of the language you try to learn, read the lyrics once out loud without music. Then put the music on and try to sing simultaneously with the singer. That will help your tongue to become more flexible.

6 février 2015
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