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Eva Widyasari
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What do you look for and what do you expect from a teacher?

Hello, All

Sometimes I wonder what students look for in a teacher and what we expect from teachers. Me myself, I am looking for really patient teacher and meticulous which wants to correct all my mistakes and encourages me to train myself more. I don't care mostly about the price or appearance. Because some of people I met said the appearance or the price are the greatest factors from students when they are choosing their tutors or teachers.

How about you? Have you had bad experience with teacher here?


Thank You!

Dec 18, 2014 8:59 AM
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Hi Peachey


I think I feel what your students felt. Sometimes I am a bit frustrated too when teacher only works in general level when I want to improve my language. That will be big problem for me because I didn't find the lesson will be fruitful. 

And here appearance is about how you look, it is funny, yet I found some students are tend to look for handsome or beautiful teachers. I asked some friends and they did answer so. Yet, for me it doesn't count because here I just need the lesson itself and become fluent, not about how they look like. 

December 18, 2014

Hi Eva,


I think it depends a lot on one's own personal level. For example, when I want to work on a language when my level is quite low, I'd look for a teacher who would help me with useful phrases and structures, and is very patient. I'd like to feel that I'm moving forward in some way.


At higher levels, I get a little more fussy. I'd ask for more corrections and start focusing on specific elements (such as a certain work context, a region, a grammar point or whatnot). Some of my students have expressed frustration at dealing with teachers who only work on a general level ("Learn from me! I speak English!") and cannot adapt to specific needs.  To be honest, a number of my students approached me simply because I come from Australia, and they wanted to study/live/work in my country, or at least visit. 


I don't think it's off the mark to pick a teacher based on appearance (I guess this means either the teacher presents him/herself as able to help that particular student, or just shows some approachability) or price. We all have budgets. And schedules. :) Each to their own, I suppose.


Susana, I'm a little curious about your comment about italki not being a good place to hire a teacher. I see that you haven't taken any lessons with italki teachers yet, and that you joined the website less than a week ago. Could you explain your opinion a little more?

December 18, 2014


I agree with you in this opinion. It doesn´t matter the prize if the teacher is good. I have studied English with a Spanish teacher but she was living in Birminghan during more than a decade so she speaks like a bilingual. In fact I learnt more in a year with her than in 15 years at the different school I have been to. She is very kind and she always try to make easier learning with jokes, games, and different enjoyable education techniques.

I don´t think here is a good place to hire a teacher but it´s ok to meet people who speak another language different to your so you can learn informal ways of speaking and knowing more about other countries. Also it´s a good way to practise English everyday and don´t give up.

December 18, 2014

Susana, yes, for me it doesn't matter, yet, sometimes it is the price who makes students think twice to try a teacher. I don't know why, but yes it happens. 


December 18, 2014

She always tries, sorry!

December 18, 2014
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