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how English novels can improve your level of english and how to make yourself love reading novels?

Hi! everyone.

Today I would like to discus about reading novels and their importance to english learners.

In my country I see alot of native english speakers like reading novels everytime I see them in the beach or else where.

Non Native speakers do not like reading novels and even those who like they end up get tired and fail even to finish a single book.

In my opinion, Non native speakers do not know how to read novels like native do.In addition, they do not know the techniques of reading novels to improve their english.

others used to say novels can only slow them down intead of boosting their language level.

what is your suggestion?

Let us lean english through novels  :)

Dec 19, 2014 5:00 AM
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It is said that one should read as many books as he can when learning a foreign language. I agree, but not all books are useful. I used to read novels by Jane Austen. First  time I tried to translate every word that was unfamiliar to me, and it was boring. Then I started just reading and concentrating on a context. I understood all and enjoyed reading. But what I realized is that in such novels there are a lot of archaic words that are not used in a modern language.  So I think,  it is more effective to watch TV, read newspapers or read books by modern writers.

December 19, 2014

Mambo vipi bwana. Habari za nyumbani? Pole na kaze. 

Personally, I love reading novels in my native english. I also enjoy reading French classics. But I'm not terribly interested in reading novels in other languages. I've done it, and don't enjoy it too much, meaning it wasn't entertaining to me. So I read news, subtitles, etc in those other languages. The most important thing is to read. If you like reading novels, then by all means do it. If somebody else prefers to read the news, then that is probably a better choice for him.

December 19, 2014

uhm...with me, It's not interesting at all when I read a very long story in other languages that arent my mother tougue. And it is hard to read when everwhere is new words for me. Instead of enjoying reading and fully understanding the meaning of each sentence, I have to struggle and look up the new words, guess the meanning of words, sentences... It makes me bored quick. But I think, learning English through novels is good idea since it will increase our vocabulary and upgrade our writting skill.

December 19, 2014

I'm not an English native speaker, but I do love reading and I do love reading novels in English. That's not only because I can improve my reading skills and vocabulary that way but it's also because a lot of the novel's original meaning is lost in translation. So I always try to read books or watch movies in their original language, even if that's very difficult sometimes, so I can fully understand and appreciate what's going on.

December 19, 2014

>but not all books are useful



you need to read books that you are interested in. Read would you would read in your native language anyway. If you don't read in your native language then books will not work for you, sorry.


If you have a specific interest, then read about it in the target language. If your interest is i.e. hamster breeding, well, then find books or online resources about it in the target language.

December 19, 2014
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