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Is the way of "Miss + Given name +( Middle name +) Family name " correct?

I know it's okay to say "Miss Brown (Miss +Family name) ", but could I express in another way? For example, "Miss Cindy Brown (Miss + Given name + Family name)" ?

Dec 19, 2014 7:24 AM
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Yes and no.


You could write 'Miss Cindy Brown', for example, on a guest list, or on the front of an envelope above her postal address. You could refer to her in the third person in this way, and perhaps introduce her to another person in a formal situation as 'Miss Cindy Brown'.


However, you would never address a person directly in this form. In English we have only two forms by which to address a person directly - either by their given name (Cindy) or with a title and surname (Miss Brown).


By the way, it is now seen as rather outdated and sexist use the term 'Miss' to denote an unmarried woman. If a married woman goes by her husband's name you can call he Mrs xxx, but otherwise it is more usual and more politically correct to use Ms (as in Ms Cindy Brown). The only exception is in show business, where all female performers can be referred to in the third person as Miss x x.



December 19, 2014
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