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The best portrait on italki for 2014!

Hi everyone,


Which portrait of users on italki do you like most? Some portraits on italki really inspired me!

Let's share our favorite protraits found on italki here, so we can select the best portrait on italki for 2014 before we enter 2015!! ヾ(*´∇')ノ 


I vote to @ Toc Toc Toc ~    ♡^▽^♡

And this is my reason:



19 dic 2014 15:50
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I was about to vote for Gio's ( adorable little kitten with the sword and big hat, but I see he's just changed his profile picture. What a pity.. I miss the kitty.

22 dicembre 2014

Well, toc toc toc's famous photo is very nice(,")

But Daniel's profile photo is funny, I can't resist an Ostrich's face;)

I vote for those beautiful creatures in Walter_mellon's profile photo:

19 dicembre 2014

Thank you very much Amanda


I vote for Daniel  -->


19 dicembre 2014

Same here Su.Ki., I wish he had kept the adorable kitten with the sword, I really liked that beautiful little creature :)

22 dicembre 2014

I miss Gio's Kitty too. Boo hoo. Let's make a petition to have him change it back. :D

23 dicembre 2014
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