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the TV series show us the real life of people or not?

i like watching TV serial, including American's TV serials, for example, friends, new girl, glee club, the good wife and so on, it is amazing, very funny! but i have a question, these serials show the real life of American people? because sometimes their ralationship to say mess?

Dec 20, 2014 9:19 AM
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  Do the TV series  show you what "real Americans" are like?


 Absolutely not.  In fact,  those programs  are so far removed from reality  as to be, at worst,

meaningless, and at best,  misleading.


  They can of course,  be used to develop a good listening ear  for the English language.

Since they are available to you,  you may well take advantage of them, provided two things:


(a) You do not intend to adopt the Double Entendre`  as a common means of communication in your own daily life.  In other words,  do not intend to use a sequence of "smart--ass" observations in your own conversations, unless you intend  eventually,   to have someone  sort out your hash in a hurry.   It is  only on Television that dialogue intended to perpetually wound other people

is perpetuated. 


(b)   Do not intend to adopt the "slang" expressions that you hear  used in TV and Movies.

Not only  does  slang reek of conventionality and insincerity,  it can be as much the means for social rejection  as an outsider, as it can win  social acceptance  in  a  subculture.



December 20, 2014

NO they are not real.TV shows are not like real life,and especially not "reality shows". They are totally different.

December 20, 2014

I think TV series just present apart of our real life but express almostly the writer's ideas and his imagination. The writer has a specific purpose and that is understood from associated and related events. It doesn't matter if they show us the real life or not.   

December 20, 2014
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