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Differences between these words?

I'm wondering what is the difference between these words?


"When it comes to"


"in terms of"


Please could you explain this question?

Thanks you all.

Dec 20, 2014 9:42 AM
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The   last example,   like this one:


"Even disregarding____________..." (choose any subject)


    ...dismisses the current subject under consideration,  and will serve to introduce a new  subject.

For example:


   "Even disregarding the current  depressed price for a barrel of oil, 

Solar  Energy  Development is a worthy investment in its own right,

because  it is profitable, and it is independent of other energy  sources."




December 20, 2014

  Hi Tuluum:


 These are synonymous phrases.  It is not the "differences" which matter,  but the similarities.


 They mean,  basically,  IN---RELATION----TO   something


 "When it comes to"  (establishes a relation to a specific subject.

"In terms of"   (establishes a relation  to a  specific subject)

"About"   establishes a  relation to a specific subject)


    "When it comes to...." (choose any subject)

"In terms of..."  (choose any subject)

"About"   (choose any subject)


   In the same transitional function,  we can use other words or phrases, such as:


    "Regarding....." (choose any subject)

"As it pertains to..." (choose any subject)

"As far as ____________ goes,..." (choose any subject)

"Notwithstanding ________________..." (choose any subject)

"Even disregarding____________..." (choose any subject)

December 20, 2014

sorry wrong post

December 20, 2014

'to' suggests that someone wants to say something to you and get your response. 'with' is more to do with dialogue and exchange in conversation. 

December 20, 2014
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