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help me plz ;(

Can you help me ..when I say to  c "k" and c "s" ...l hope you understand

20 déc. 2014 11:23
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of course! you mean a soft C (s) or a hard C (k)
I'll give you examples of both.

Cook (hard C)
Cesspool (Soft C)
Celebrate (Soft C)
Calendar (Hard C) 
Calibrate (Hard C) 

Each word corresponds with a vowel in this instance. Is there anything outstanding you can notice?

20 décembre 2014

This is a pronunciation/writing rule borrowed directly from French.


ca, co, cu = ka, ko, k(y)u  (capable, company, occupy)

(The y sound you might hear before u comes from the difference between the French u and the English u... but that's another story!)


ci, ce, cy = si, se, sy  (precision, certainly, bicycle)


Of course, this basically applies to loanwords from French - there are many of them in English!

20 décembre 2014

That was a really clear answer Stephanie with excellent examples. I can do no better 

20 décembre 2014

Hi Faatma:


 I think  first link at the following website will help you:


 You might read over it with a language partner.

20 décembre 2014

Yah I mean that:)  Thanks Stephanie 

20 décembre 2014
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