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how to say 'wear mask' in Arabic language?

1. Beijing people wear masks to avoid inhaling polluted air.

2. There is a play called Noh in Japan where all the performer wear masks.

3. Indonesian people have an idiom 'wear mask', it means lying.

Dec 21, 2014 1:40 AM
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انا أرتدى قناع           I

هو يرتدى قناع           He

هى ترتدى قناع           She

انت ترتدى قناع           you         single

انتم ترتدون قناع           you         plurar

هم يرتدون قناع           They

هن يرتدين قناع            They


December 21, 2014

you can say wear mask in Arabic such ..

when you tell some one " you wear a mask " = أنت ترتدي قناع

They wear a mask = هم يرتدون قناع




December 21, 2014
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