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what is the most important thing in your life? Why? lets make a survey about what is the most important thing in our lifes, why..
i think it's very interasting topic... please i need your opinions..
Dec 14, 2008 2:56 PM
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Well..Healthy body,full family,goodness of heart and so on..they are ordinary but very important i think.

then ..after that..i think thinking plays the main role in our life.because our brain won't stop working until we die.thinking can help us to learn good things from our life.

that;s all.

February 8, 2009
love.Because I need love.
January 25, 2009
Of course every answer will be different than the other one . 
I tink that life it self is the most important . 
You can take  experience from many situations . 
You also meet other people . 
It is really Worthful. 

Good topic . Waiting for more . 
Thanks alot .
January 17, 2009

I think different people has different thinking.But I think that getting more experience is most inportant in my life.
And has a full family also important.

December 16, 2008
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