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What do you use as antonym for "well-paid"?

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The question is in the title :) I didn't find a solid answer for this question in dictionaries and decided to ask here. Can anyone help me?


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Dec 21, 2014 7:17 PM
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"Poorly paid," meaning simply that the pay is low, or "underpaid," meaning that the pay is lower than deserved. 

"Thousands of poorly paid Russian medics and opposition supporters marched in central Moscow..."

"Seniors were fed substandard meals and cared for by overworked and poorly trained and poorly paid staff..."

"Walmart Again Holds Food Drive for Own Underpaid Workers"

"Tony Blair says politicians are underpaid"

"ILO Says Women Still Underpaid Around Globe"



December 22, 2014

The most direct antonym would be "poorly paid".


But you could also use;

Minimum wage earner

slave labour

low paid


December 21, 2014

   The dichotomy  might be   Remunerated   or Unremunerated  if the amount paid is what was owed.



December 22, 2014

Badly paid is also admitted.

December 21, 2014

Poorly paid

December 21, 2014
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