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Happy Yalda Night Everyone :D

Hey everyone,

Tonight was Yalda night in our country. I also got some presents from my sister and took some pictures from our traditional Yalda night and I would like to share them with you, but it seems there isn't any way to upload pictures here... so I have to just put their links here:


Here are some pictures from our Yalda night:


And here is my yalda present that my sister brought for me from Japan:


p.s. for more information about Yalda Night, check this out:


Dec 21, 2014 10:41 PM
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Happy Yalda night for you Bahar and for all Iranians.

December 22, 2014

Happy Yalda!

December 23, 2014

Its amazing to hear about such a celebration night. salam to all

December 22, 2014

salam, manam shabe yalda jeshn gereftam)

December 22, 2014

@Shams @Jeff @Badshah @Dorothy

Thanks :D  Happy Yalda to you all too :D

December 23, 2014
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