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Usage of articles in English

Hello, everybody! 


It is me and my newbie questios again :-D


As I can see there is the default rule in the English language to use articles with nouns.

So as I can understand one should use indefinite or definite articles almost always except some cases when one shouldn't use any articles. 


Maybe this question seems foolish to you but there are not such things as articles in the Russian language so I'm frustrating a bit about  it usage.


Thanks in advance.

Dec 22, 2014 4:42 AM
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Hi, Alex! I hope you are doing well today. 


In English, we also have what is called "Count" and "Non-count" Nouns.


A Count Noun often refers to a single entity, but it can also be plural. They are often used with numbers or terms like 'many', 'several', and few. (Example: I have four cats. I have several cats. I have few cats.) In this example the "four, several, and few" would replace the article. (Example: I have a cat.) If a Count Noun is present, there's no need for an article.


Non-Count Nouns are broken down into two groups:

1. A Mass Noun refers to something that can't be broken into countable parts and does not form plurals (water, hair, information). Example: (I have hair) Hair is not countable, and is not plural. No article is needed in this case.

2. Abstract nouns refer to concepts (contentment, beauty, peace). Non-count nouns may
take the definite article (Example: The water is hot. The soft light really brings out the beauty in
this painting). But non-count nouns do not take the indefinite articles a or an.


I hope that this helps you!




December 22, 2014

Hi Alex,


This is quite a big question!  The best advice I can give you is to take the time to look up explanations and exercises online using the keywords "English article grammar".  Then, find some texts to see how the rules and exercises match with real examples.


If you have any confusion or questions after that, by all means write again, but please be specific. Give us an exact example.


The other thing is, make it a habit to use these articles. Again, find proper texts and read them aloud. Get used to adding the/a before a noun.  If you spend your time trying to understand which article should be used (if any), then your progress in English will be very, very slow. Remember that we native English speakers use articles correctly out of habit.


Good luck!

December 22, 2014

So my question was: is that the right understandind of usage erticles in the English language?


December 22, 2014
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