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Delighting chocolate :D :D

Do you believe that there is a kind of food, candy or chocolate that makes you happy whatever your problems you have?

Dec 23, 2014 7:01 PM
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An indulgence in a chocolate bar or rich cup of coffee could provide temporary relief the stress of problems.  The break in itself can be helpful!  It is also possible that such a break could help restore one's sense of perspective or even provide an opportunity for solutions to creep into one's mind.


Exercise could do the same thing.. but I tend to go for the chocolate!  


I have some chocolate... in my house somewhere.. I keep it inconveniently tucked away!  :P

December 23, 2014

You seem that you are slightly pessimestic, What about eating your choloclate and after you finish it, your mind will be ready to think in a good way rather than thinking with bad mood? ;)

December 23, 2014

Why are you interesting for the drug addicts? It's something different. It's something related strongly to medical. But they can be changed -by some way or others- by chocolate.

I am speaking about feeling, emotions ,consciences and moods which may be changed by a small piece of chocolate.


December 23, 2014

yes, Chocolate can bring your family again if they can by gift. When you gave chocolate to someone as a gift, you already send a message to him that '' I think about you, I want to be happy, I never forget you''

Chocolate makes any child happy who has a full of innocence and kindness.

Chocolate already changed or shifted my mood to better.

drug addicts can be better if you give him a full of interesting to him. When you give him a chocolate, he may appreaciate your gift and he will be shame if he think to take any drugs again.


December 23, 2014

*temporary relief from...

December 23, 2014
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