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What do you know about global warming? Most of us are worried about global warming. It’s a problem that will change the future of the world we live in and affect generations to come.
15 дек. 2008 г., 6:24
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If you want some additional info you can read proceedings of International Conference on Climate Chage here:
I see you learn English, so it will be useful for English learning too, because there are audio and video materials and presentations.
By the way, there is the wrong link to this forum from Answers section.
15 декабря 2008 г.
Global warming make climate unpredictable..make temperatur higher than before. Indonesia getting hot now and many disasters coz of global inundation. Inundation make farmer can't farm some important plants like rice, corn and others..image if we can't get something to eat.. We must worried about global warming..our future will change and the world will if we can't stop it?
For a long time..climate change..difficult to get clean water, something to eat...our body must adapt that and we'll mutation..can you image if we not like human anymore??
15 декабря 2008 г.
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