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4 Ways to Improve Conversational English (From a Native American English Teacher)

4 Ways to Improve Conversational English


1. Improve Pronunciation In English
Practicing pronunciation is one of the best ways to improve your English. Good pronunciation will help people to understand spoken English clearly.


2. Listen to English
It is very important to listen to English. This will help students to learn the language. If you want to improve your English, spend more time listening. There are plenty of TV programs and online news programs, such as NPR or WNYC (my favorite programs). This will help students understand the various forms of spoken English.


3. Learn Phrases, Not Just Individual Words
It is easier to use phrases in a sentence. It is difficult to learn a new word and use it in a sentence. Try to learn phrases.

4. Learn from a Native English Speaker
As a native English speaker from the New York City area in United States of America, I have a very clear, easy to understand accent. I will teach you specific techniques to improve your English.


I am available for Instant Tutoring and scheduled lessons. Please feel free to send me a message for any assistance.


23 dic 2014 21:37
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You can say that again.

23 dicembre 2014

Thank you for those tips Jeannie  , as an english teacher do you think its very necessary to learn the IPA to master accurate pronuncition ?

25 dicembre 2014
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